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Success at Your Fingertips
Building a Strong Brand through an Automated System

From stamped cards to a system that recognizes and predicts trends in customer behavior.

The genesis of loyalty systems has matured from paper cards stamped after each purchase to specialized cards offering predetermined discounts. Today, loyalty programs have transcended expected boundaries, transforming into multifunctional solutions that bring unparalleled benefits to both the brand and the end consumer. Increased profits, a growing number of loyal customers, and ongoing brand recommendations are just the beginning.

What seemed impossible has become reality through the assembly of modules, creating a tool that transforms both sales and business operations. Increased sales, reduced campaign costs, higher average transaction amounts, more frequent purchases, heightened brand awareness, precisely targeted campaigns, direct communication, a comprehensive consumer database, and precise analytics are achieved. Countless possibilities for customer segmentation and building stronger connections with them. Automated and streamlined loyalty and marketing mechanisms.

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Introducing Spotlight, a multifunctional system that integrates loyalty and engagement with marketing automation and a customer database, suitable for both smaller brands and large retail chains.

Today, it is evident that every successful brand needs to cultivate customer loyalty. Spotlight understands the importance of building long-term relationships with customers. The strength of a brand lies directly in its ability to retain existing customers, creating a connection that goes beyond individual transactions. Because of all this, we are confident that customer loyalty is a key element of success for every brand.

Strongest barrier against customer migration to competitors offering identical products.

Nurture your customers with Spotlight.

Retaining existing customers is always more cost-effective than attracting new ones. Establishing consumer loyalty makes a brand more resilient to market fluctuations, serving as the strongest barrier against customer migration to competitors offering identical products. How does Spotlight assist in retaining existing and attracting new customers?

Our platform offers a synthesis of tools for creating, organizing, implementing, monitoring, and promoting reward systems and mechanisms to encourage return and repeat purchases. Rewards with Spotlight can be created at different levels, targeting specific groups or using them in specific time periods, in relation to transaction amounts, purchase frequency, or just as you envision. Spotlight provides endless possibilities for combining these elements. This multifunctional platform includes rewarding cashback points for each purchase, hierarchical rank structures, online digital or physical loyalty cards, gift cards, a personalized application, as well as the ability to implement widgets on the website. In addition to these elements, Spotlight encompasses gamification, the ability to multiply points, and provides precise insight into all campaigns.


with Spotlight

An important tool in digital marketing aimed at directly increasing conversions is achieved through Spotlight by releasing the first generated sales message through a channel, which can be email, Viber message, SMS, or in the form of push notifications, to the entire base or to a precisely targeted audience from the segment. Triggers for the next message of the same or similar content are automated to go through the next or the same channel, depending on whether the message was opened or conversion occurred. The sales message goes through channels until it achieves the desired goal.

Automation of marketing campaigns
on Spotlight

The Spotlight platform uses various criteria to initiate automated communication, such as birthdays, transactions, or joining the loyalty program. Marketing automation is carried out through campaigns targeting a specific target group, defined through precise segmentation, all by providing benefits such as coupons, through various communication channels. The Spotlight software enables automated and personalized management of various marketing activities instead of manually sending messages.

Integration of all data
Spotlight 360 Single Customer View

Spotlight knows exactly who it is addressing, enabling efficient communication and providing a personalized offer. The data platform generates, stores, and analyzes all relevant data about individual customers from various sources, including demographic data and transaction data, creating a picture of a customer whose needs become predictable.

Staying ahead of the competition
with Spotlight + AI

Spotlight has left room for intelligent improvement of the entire system using machine learning, i.e., for automatic user segmentation, which is another undeniable advantage. Spotlight + AI reliably identifies behavior patterns, lifting the entire system to an even stronger level and leaving the competition far behind.

Feel like something is missing
from your brand?

If you feel that something is missing from your brand, you are undoubtedly thinking of Spotlight – a versatile and reliable system that automates all your ideas. A platform for generating customer data, for loyalty and engagement with a module for marketing automation, in short, a tool for interactive customer relations, a proven method for establishing emotional and long-term relationships, and ultimately, a mechanism that confidently guarantees a direct increase in the number of active community users, regardless of whether it is a large or small business. Allow us to contribute to the creation of a vibrant and strong brand. Contact us for a free presentation.

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We know that the future lies in a comprehensive loyalty program that inspires, attracts and recruits new customers while personalized benefits secure that the existing ones will return and repeat their purchases.

Do not miss this chance and entrust the profitability to a proven strategy you can rely on that certainly yields results.

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