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Cards Print Limited Liability Company for Trade and Service (hereinafter Cards Print) puts in all the effort in protecting personal data users provide that are collected in accordance with rules and regulations of the Republic of Serbia.

Visitors to our website agree that the data collected may be used pursuant to the Privacy Policy.

Cards Print LLC collects as little information as possible in order to provide the best quality service. Privacy Policy explains possible steps and procedures resulting from collecting data about you. Once users visit our website, it is deemed that they agree we can collect the abovementioned data.

By visiting our website at you agree that we may collect all the information you send to us depending on the type of contact form you fill in and including your name, address, phone number, e-mail as well as any other data you may leave on the website.

Collected information is primarily used in order to process the requests set by users and website visitors. We take all standard precaution measures with the aim of preventing unauthorized access to these data.

Users may request that the data collected get deleted from data records at any time.

Cards Print LLC does not exchange any information with third party at any time. Information obtained may be used for the purpose of maintaining contact with users and notifying them about the development of our business. Should we at any moment be obliged to submit the information obtained to the third party, e.g. authorities, the user shall be informed about such instance and give own consent to act accordingly.

Cards Print LLC notifies its users that general information about the website itself may occasionally get published, for instance, the number of visitors to the website, etc. When publishing such information, it shall never include any information whatsoever that may identify any user individually.

Cards Print LLC guarantees that any standard safety measures are applied pursuant to the rules and regulations of the Republic of Serbia and all with the aim of protecting customers’ personal data.  This includes but is not limited to contact forms for subscribing to newsletter, booking meetings or sending inquiry. Nevertheless, some discrepancies related to the safety issues that are beyond the control of Cards Print LLC may exist. Deciding to provide personal information to the Cards Print LLC, users understand and agree that safety, integrity and privacy of personal data cannot be 100% secured and guaranteed.

Cards Print LLC keeps the right to change this Privacy policy. Each change becomes valid after publishing it on the company’s website and users shall occasionally read such privacy policy in order to keep informed about possible changes. Should users continue using the website Spotlight and services that the Cards Print Company provides after changes being made and new versions of privacy policy being published, it shall be deemed that the user accepts the new version of policy as the valid one.

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