Why is Loyalty program important for companies?

Why is Loyalty program
important for companies?

Retaining existing customers is a crucial factor for the success of each business.

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Nowadays, retaining existing customers is the key to the success of each business and that is a reason enough why loyalty programs have become an inevitable tool for maintaining loyalty and engagement of customers.

Rewarding customers for their loyalty encourages them to return to your brand instead of letting them look for different options and finally choose products of your competition.

Why is Loyalty program important for companies and what is its role in retaining customers?

Personalized access supports establishing a stronger loyalty with customers

It guarantees more undivided loyalty of customers

Loyalty program plays a strategic role in establishing an emotional relationship between a company and its customers. By placing an additional value and offering certain benefits to members only, a company shows its genuine care for regular customers. Such personalized approach assists greatly in strengthening the loyalty of customers and makes them less likely to choose competitive brands.


Repeated purchases

A company can easily encourage new purchases through loyalty programs even with existing customers. While making special offers, giving discounts or providing rewards exclusively for members of loyalty program, companies encourage customers to return and continue using their products and services. This all starts a cycle of repeated purchases that both customers and companies benefit from.

Establishing a relationship

Loyalty program enables companies to establish a direct communication with its members. Through exchanging information via e-mails, news in application or Viber service, companies can send personalized messages, notifications about special events, new products or offers. Such interaction helps establishing trust and long-term relationships with customers.

Increased spending

Increased spending

Loyalty programs have proven to increase the amount spent on an average purchase. When customers become the members of loyalty program, they are more motivated to make more purchases in order to take all the advantages of the program such as bonus points, special discounts or free delivery. This is one of the ways to encourage spending more and companies may benefit from it greatly.



Loyalty programs enable companies the access to feedback given by the most loyal customers or clients. This is an ideal way to understand the needs and preferences of customers allowing the company to create tailored offers and improve own services. The openness to feedback and customizing offers based on it assists companies in maintaining customer satisfaction.

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The advantages
of Loyalty program

Loyalty program is a powerful tool for establishing a long run connection with customers and clients.

Loyalty program empowers the loyalty of customers in such a way that it helps establishing long run connection with customers. Rewarding customers for loyalty motivates them to return to your brand instead of exploring the options and finally choosing the one that is your competition. Regular rewarding plans and systems, personalized offers and exclusive content together make customers cheery and satisfied and keep them loyal to your brand and company.

Loyalty program increases sales. A loyal customer has proven to be a more frequent purchaser. Loyal customers are also more likely to spend greater amounts of money. Linking rewards with the amounts spent along with clearly defined actions and discounts increases the sales significantly.

Loyalty program generates data about customers and offers the possibility of creating personalized campaigns.

Loyalty program also offers crucial information about customers such as their habits and demographics data. Such data help you understand target groups more profoundly. Through individual messages and offers, you can make a deeper and more meaningful bond with customers adding an extra value and making their loyalty to the brand even stronger.

Loyalty increases brand awareness

Loyalty programs are an excellent way to increase brand awareness.  Through reward programs and recommendations, the existing and satisfied clients become so-called brand ambassadors who recommend a particular brand to their family, friends and colleagues. This creates a positive cycle helping you reach new customers while brand awareness spreads naturally.

Loyalty provides a precise analytics and the possibility to monitor and track results

Loyalty programs provide you with the possibility to follow the efficiency of your marketing campaigns and offers. Through analytics, you can monitor and track the engagement of customers, conversion rates, ROI – the return of investment and other key metrics such as KPI – key performance indicator. These data help you map out the strategy and optimize not only your marketing activities but also your costs, all with the aim of achieving the best possible results.


Our loyalty program helps you increase your profit, retain the existing customers and gain new ones.

We are completely aware of how powerful loyalty programs are in any business. Our loyalty program will help you take all the advantages and possibilities it offers in order to establish a strong connection with customers, increase sales and make the loyalty of customers to your brand even stronger.

Contact us today and increase your profit by using the loyalty program. Our system is flexible and easily adjusted to provide you with endless possibilities for creating segments depending on the type of business you run and all your needs. Whether it is a long-term trend or just a current campaign, our loyalty program will help you increase your profit, retain the existing customers and reach new ones.

One of the advantages of our loyalty program for customers is earning and accumulating points in a very simple way as well as transparency in terms of clear rules set by the brand.

One of the advantages for the brand is unlocking countless possibilities regarding creating benefits, customer segmentation and ranking processes.


Make the best use of all your advantages and current opportunities!

Cash back
refreshes the loyalty of customers by a simple method of getting their points back.

It increases loyalty by offering special privileges and financial benefits

The system of gaining points back increases customer loyalty and offers extra benefits for staying loyal to the brand. Cashback represents a sophisticated system that enables earning loyalty points for each purchase turning them into benefit points, used later on for a cash refund or getting rewards depending on the rules set in your loyalty program.

Cashback uses the system that transforms ordinary shopping activities into an exceptional shopping experience for customers and clients to indulge in while making them feel that they are actually saving money.

The system of loyalty points functions easily. Each time when you make a purchase, Cashback records the transaction and accumulates points based on the amount of money spent during that purchase. The more you buy, the more points you earn and that way you get your refund faster.

Collected points automatically accumulate in the virtual account of the user over our platform or application, so both users and the owner of the brand can keep track of the balance. Cashback offers flexibility and choice whether you wish to reward customers with money for the next purchase they will make or give them any other special reward. The system of gaining points back is a chance to maximize the value of purchases. As for customers, each purchase becomes even more profitable and this way Cashback increases brand loyalty since it offers exclusive privileges and financial benefits.

Multiplying Points

Motivate your customers!

In order to motivate your customers, you can reward them with double or triple cashback points during a specific time period, similar to the concept of Happy Hour, or for the purchase of a specific product category or even an individual item. The conditions for multiplying cashback points can vary, such as the total bill amount, the purchase period, or buying two identical products, or based on even specific customer data. For instance, this could apply to all customers over 40 years old or to users who have indicated ownership of a dog. Conditions may also be tied to the customer’s loyalty tier or rank. Whether targeting a specific segment of your customer base or all users, this strategy has proven to be a reliable way to stimulate customer engagement, contributing to stronger brand loyalty.

Loyalty Tiers
Endless possibilities of creating ranks

Set up hierarchical structures across various tiers.

Loyalty Tiers are actually levels or ranks, i.e. the system of rewards and benefits used in loyalty programs to give customers extra benefits based on their engagement and the amount of money spent on purchases. You can create a wide variety of different level hierarchy structures.

The idea of tiers is offering more rewards of higher value as customers or clients make progress that is spend money. Continual engagement of customers and clients directly increases through tiers while the most loyal ones get rewards. Through ranking systems, users get the feeling of prestige and exclusivity that keeps them loyal to one brand. Each tier or level in loyalty program comes with a target customers need to reach in order to level up.

Although the most common examples include discounts and special prices, benefits offered at various levels can be tailored the way you want. Most typical benefits are special discounts solely for the users of loyalty program or rewarding points that customers and clients may use for further purchases or gaining additional benefits.

Special offers that include personalized ones and recommendations based on individual preferences and purchase history can also be the examples of loyalty tiers. Priority services or exclusive events for several most important customers are another option to reward the longest-standing and most loyal customers.

The possibilities of creating such levels are endless.

Loyalty tiers
Gift kartica
Offline and digital gift cards

Having choices is the best choice!

Gift cards are the most popular way to offer clients a choice what to give someone as a present. Within loyalty program, gift cards represent even more powerful tool for increasing engagement and rewarding customers for their loyalty. Bearing in mind the fact that more than a half of customers who come to a point of sale with a gift card spend almost double more than its value, the conclusion is that gift cards generate income in advance and encourage purchases.

Gift cards can be offline cards – they are typical, physical cards bought in shops and customers decide the amount they want to give as a present while the person getting such card can use it for buying products or services in a particular shop or chain of shops. Offline gift cards can be very attractive since one hands them over directly to a person and its excellent design and best quality final touch contribute to the overall look of a very nice present that gives the feeling of prestige and creates a stronger bond with your brand. They motivate clients to return to the shop in order to spend the amount on the card that directly increases engagement and loyalty.

Digital e-cards are virtual gift cards sent via e-mail or other digital channels. They are a fast and practical option that gives customers the possibility of simply sending a present to someone straightaway and remotely. The advantages of digital e-cards are numerous – they are readily available, can be customized and they can be easily used by scanning them or inserting a special code. Digital e-cards give more flexibility and reduce costs.

Both offline and digital e-cards are an efficient way to offer customers a chance to give a present and reward them for their loyalty.

It is an efficient way to offer clients the possibility to give a present to someone else while at the same time they receive rewards for their loyalty.

Gejmifikacija loyalty platforma

is an inevitable part of the strategy many companies use.

Loyalty programs become more dynamic and much more fun when they seem like a game.

Gamification is a practice of introducing the elements of a game in a non-gaming environment in order to encourage participation, motivation and customer loyalty. With loyalty programs, gamification is a means to increase interaction with client and create interesting and exciting customer experience that intensifies their activity.

Users can earn points for various activities such as purchasing, sharing the contents on social networks or staying active on the platform. They use earned points for leveling up on the ranking list or unlocking certain privileges and special rewards. Gamification gives a unique chance for users to earn various rewards and make great achievements depending on how active they are or how fast they make a progress within the loyalty program.

Gamification also allows the use of virtual currencies within the loyalty program, which means that users can earn or purchase virtual currencies and later on use them for buying luxury products, getting bonuses and enjoying some privileges. Loyalty programs can also be challenges or competitions that encourage users to be additionally active and engaged. Challenges can be individual or team ones resulting in greater fun while at the same time they encourage team effort to stay active and continue buying the products within your brand!

You should bear in mind the fact that these tools enhance loyalty greatly and introduce a dynamic environment. All together, they result in creating a community of loyal users.

The application
for android and iOS mobile phones

Personalized customer experience plays the key role in loyalty programs

Loyalty applications for android and iOS mobile phones allow users to have a simple access to rewards, personalized experience and the chance for interaction. Gamification and all practical sides of the application combined together make it a mighty tool for establishing loyalty and encouraging the users’ engagement.

Applications for mobile phones are a key element in loyalty program. They give users a one-of-a-kind experience and that way keep them motivated to remain loyal to a brand. Applications are an inevitable part of everyday life and loyalty program applications are incredibly efficient since they give users the chance of an easy access to rewards and privileges offered by loyalty program.

Through mobile phone applications, users can monitor and track their status easily – their progress and earned points, then unlock the next level and browse through the offer of luxury products offer. Applications provide a distinctive experience showing the users information and recommendation they are interested in based on their buying habits. Loyalty applications for mobile phones are a tool intended for users to explore and stay active. One of the main goals of these applications in loyalty programs is to create an amusing environment that will keep motivating them. This platform for mobile phones used for interactivity and engagement of users in an exciting way works through push notifications, personalized messages or direct offers. Brands can easily notify their customers about new rewards, special events and discounts by using this application.

One thing that mobile phone applications give to brands is the possibility for a direct communication with their loyal customers. Direct communication has proven to increase the participation of users and encourage them to return and use the application repeatedly. Our application is an intuitive one, user-friendly and visually attractive while it also has the option for a full customization to match the visual identity of a brand.

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Direct communication increases the engagement of users and motivates them to return and use the application again.

loyalty kartica spotlight
for retail solutions

Razotkrij potrošačke navike, ponudi im ono što žele.

Loyalty cards are the most popular way of rewarding the most loyal customers motivating them to repeat their purchases of products within your brand. Depending on the amount spent with each purchase, customers collect points using their loyalty card and they use those points for special privileges and benefits later on. Besides rewarding the most loyal customers, loyalty cards also generate invaluable data about customers based on which brands may easily create personalized offers and benefits through individual campaigns.

Loyalty cards are very easy to use. The holders of loyalty cards submit it each time they make a purchase in order to earn points or receive other benefits. Collected points are then used for discounts, free products, special offers or any other privileges. Such rewarding system makes its users feel satisfied and strengthens the feeling of belonging. This sense of belonging makes customers more likely to return to a brand and purchase it repeatedly instead of choosing some other one.

The information that loyalty cards mainly generate are customers’ buying habits and other preferences they express but may as well include demographics data such as age, sex, status and their ability to buy products and services, known as purchasing power, all depending on the data you request in your questionnaire.  All the information serves well when used for sending personalized offers resulting in an exceptional experience users will have. Trade businesses find this information useful in the process of making decisions, especially when they create seasonal or holiday offers, as well as for mapping out marketing strategies and improving overall customer experience.

Loyalty cards are also a great chance to have a more meaningful communication with your customers. With a simple use of e-mail, sms or push notification, brands can easily notify their customers about special promotions, events, sales or any other information customers may find interesting. Such direct communication helps brands to stay in touch with their target groups or to keep customers active and interested.

Keeping an existing customer active is quite often more important than gaining a new one!

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We know that the future lies in a comprehensive loyalty program that inspires, attracts and recruits new customers while personalized benefits secure that the existing ones will return and repeat their purchases.

Do not miss this chance and entrust the profitability to a proven strategy you can rely on that certainly yields results.

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