Email automation in the service of stronger connections with clients

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Email automation
in the service of stronger connections with clients

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Email marketing is an important component of modern marketing strategies. The newsletter plays an important role due to direct communication with the target audience and the possibility of sending personalized messages and offers. Low costs and high return on investment also rank it high on the list of must-have marketing strategies. The possibility of segmentation and measuring the campaign success contributes to the popularity of email marketing in modern business.

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Direct and personalized communication

These are the most important arguments why email marketing should be on the list of your marketing plan this year. Direct connection with the target audience, stronger relationships with customers and greater engagement of users are just some of the goals that can be achieved quickly and easily with the help of email marketing.

The importance of content for the success of this proven strategy is undeniable, but we must not ignore the importance of the service through which we send emails. In order to ensure efficiency and better engagement of the target group, we should choose a platform that corresponds to the modern requirements of marketing campaigns.

Email automation ensures consistency, efficiency and timeliness of communication.

Email communication is part of Marketing Automation. It is implemented through communication channels using the Spotlight platform. Our platform supports email, viber, sms and push channels.

Regular email communication keeps users informed and motivates them to engage further. Email marketing enables the reactivation, motivation and retention of customers, as well as the “awakening” of customers who have stopped engaging. Spotlight campaign analytics provides insight into the exact number of opened emails, the number of link clicks, gives insight into conversions and other relevant information.

creative campaigns

Email marketing is a key component of digital advertising, experiencing constant innovation in order to attract the attention of users in the sea of ​​messages they receive every day. In the past years, some marketers have excelled in their efforts to create the most original campaigns that exceeded expectations and set new standards in the industry.

Airbnb’s “Love Is Welcome Here”

Airbnb surprised users with a creative campaign “Love Is Welcome Here”. Through personalized emails, adapted to the destinations and interests of users, Airbnb sent positive messages that promote inclusivity and kindness to all travelers regardless of their sexuality.

Buzzfeed’s Interactive Newsletters

Buzzfeed has harnessed the power of interactive newsletters to engage its audience in a unique way. Through polls, quizzes and interactive elements, readers could directly participate in the content, providing them with a personalized experience that goes beyond traditional email marketing.

“Dunk in the Dark” by Oreo

When the power went out at the 2013 Super Bowl, Oreo quickly adapted to the situation. They created a speed tweet and immediately sent an email with a picture of an Oreo cookie with the caption “You can still dunk in the dark.” This unexpected and humorous campaign quickly went viral, showing how current circumstances can be authentically used for marketing purposes.

“Countdown to the Final Season” by Game of Thrones

As the end of the popular series “Game of Thrones” approached, HBO created an email campaign counting down to the final season. Users received emails with interesting details and exclusive content that created excitement and intrigue for what was to come.

These campaigns not only achieved a high level of originality, but also demonstrated the ability to adapt to changes in society, react quickly to events and use personalization to achieve a deeper connection with users. In the world of email marketing, innovation is key, and these examples are just the tip of the iceberg in the dynamic field of digital advertising.

Use the power
of the email marketing

Harness the power of email marketing with Spotlight marketing automation, personalize communications, create targeted campaigns, and achieve outstanding results. Let us help you create a successful email strategy. Contact us for a free presentation.
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We know that the future lies in a comprehensive loyalty program that inspires, attracts and recruits new customers while personalized benefits secure that the existing ones will return and repeat their purchases.

Do not miss this chance and entrust the profitability to a proven strategy you can rely on that certainly yields results.

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